2023 Ramstad/Kennedy Annual Award

The first annualRamstad/Kennedy Awardwas presented in 2008 during aNational Recovery Month reception at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) State Systems Development Program (SSDP) conference. In subsequent years, the Recovery Month Planning Partners have continued working to focus our national efforts on expanding recovery support for the millions of Americans in early recovery. They work to strengthen recovery support programs through local community efforts honoring recovery; they also continue to help those in their communities who are still suffering from addiction to find recovery and to support the countless hurting family members who are in need of support to address and recover from addiction’s impact. 


Background: The Planning Partners have witnessed with appreciation as the SSAs have increased their critical role in supporting and promoting recovery andRecovery Monthactivities, materials and awareness in their states and within their agencies. The Planning Partners (200+ organizations and agencies), energized by the extraordinary and long-time efforts and passionate leadership of theHonorable Jim Ramstad (R-MN-deceased 2020)and theHonorable Patrick Kennedy (D-RI-ret.)in the development, understanding and promotion of public policies to bring equity to care for people with substance use disorders and their impacted children and other family members. 


TheRamstad/Kennedy Awardwas established in 2008 to recognize an SSA Director who demonstrated outstanding leadership in support of recovery andRecovery Monthand to acknowledge Congressmen Ramstad and Kennedy for their commitment to recovery and recovery-oriented policies. The 2023 Award will be presented as part of an online event in conjunction with NASADAD Awards.


To nominate an SSA director,please refer to the criteria below, and complete and return the application form on the next pageby 11:59 pm (ET), Thursday, October 19, 2023. 


Criteria:Single State Agency Director who has: 

  • Provided outstanding leadership and innovation in promoting the goals of National Recovery Month during 2023, including support of the permanent tagline, “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.” 
  • Strengthened and expandedRecovery Monthactivities within their agency and throughout other state agencies. 
  • Provided support to strengthen and expandRecovery Monthactivities and programs that supported individual and family recovery throughout their state. 
  • Expanded the number and impact ofNational Recovery Monthactivities in their local communities.

2023 Ramstad/Kennedy Annual Award  Nomination Form

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