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International Recovery Day

September 30, 2023

Illuminate the Night: Join Us in Lighting up the Night in Support of International Recovery Day

International Recovery Day, since its inception, has ignited a worldwide wave of solidarity, with participants from over a quarter of the world’s countries proudly lighting up their landmarks in purple. From Niagara Falls to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, some of the world’s most iconic structures have shared this inspiring light.

Now it’s your turn, to lead this impactful movement. Let’s illuminate our City Hall or significant landmarks in purple, inspiring others and offering hope to those on their recovery journey. Let’s extend our hands in compassion, reiterating our promise to champion their recovery and remove the stigma around addiction.

So, join us every year, as we commemorate Recovery Month and celebrate International Recovery Day. Let’s unite under a purple sky, shining a beacon of hope and recovery across the globe.

International Recovery Day

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Date September 30, 2023
Time - EDT